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Ever wanted to visit stunning New Zealand vistas? Ever wanted to mow through a horde of anarchistic sheep with a shotgun? What a coincidence.

Play as Muzzah, a down-to-earth good ol' kiwi farming bloke, as he fights his way through a horde of anarchistic sheep. There are 30 million sheep in New Zealand, and they're sick and tired of being involved in a system that doesn't benefit them.

RUMINANT REVENGE is a Metalslug-esque, 2d arena shooter, set in a picturesque, pixelated southern New Zealand. Stylistically influenced by modernist New Zealand artists, and arcade shooters from the 90's, this game is a blend of simplicity and humility, contrasting with over-the-top gore and fast paced action. Muzzah's little legs can't support the weight of his huge farm-fed body, and so in order to get around, he uses his trusty sawn-off shotgun to launch himself through the air. A game based around ideas of timing and positioning, mastery of the simple mechanics is required to survive the punishing gameplay.

List of features:

  • -All original sounds and music
  • -Shotgun jumping!
  • -Multiple farmyard animals to brutally murder
  • -Excessive animated violence!
  • -Genuine kiwi lingo
  • -Picturesque pixelated Otago plains and Southern Alps
  • -Kiwi architecture
  • -Intense difficulty over time
  • -Simple mechanics
  • -Unlimited shotgun ammo, as fast as you can fire!

Contact: radski100@gmail.com,

Release: 26th June, 2015

Platform: Windows pc

Pricing: Free

Install instructions

Download. Then double click the exe. Then possibly have fun.